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Is your drinking water clean and safe?



  • What if the tap water supply suddenly stops due to disasters such as an earthquake?
  • What if your drinking water runs short while on an outdoor activity?
  • When you travel abroad, you must be careful in drinking water, even at the hotels in many countries.

SUPER DELIOS provides clean, safe drinking water anywhere, anytime.

Functions and Advantages:
SUPER DELIOS portable water filter quickly produces safe drinking water.

Safe water can be obtained from the following water sources by simply squeezing the container connected to the filter.
- Tap water
- River water
- Well water
- Swimming pool water
- Rain water
- Many other water sources

Water filtered by SUPER DELIOS can also be used for cleaning wounds or washing your eyes.

SUPER DELIOS features:
- Compact and lightweight
- Easy to carry - "Pocketable" design
- High performance water filtration

SUPER DELIOS is the top-selling portable water filter in Japan. Our research shows that one out of three portable water filter buyers chose DELIOS (the basic model of SUPER DELIOS) over all other products on the market.

SUPER DELIOS is ideal for emergency use, outdoor activity and overseas travel.