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"I once sent you an inquiry about the function of your 'Portable Water Filter, DELIOS.' Now I would like to thank you for two things:
1. After my inquiry I received a detailed reply from you (Urban Tech). I appreciate your kind favor and your staff.
2. This winter, I made a two-month trip to Nepal. I stayed in the Himalayas. I enjoyed a comfortable stay there thanks to DELIOS.

This was my third trip. When I visited there the first time, I suffered from dysentery. On my second trip, I suffered from mountain sickness. People advised me to drink lots of water to avoid mountain sickness.

This time, I was able to drink enough water with DELIOS. In Katmandu, I usually bought bottles of mineral water and put them in some DELIOS vessels whenever I went out.

The vessel was just the size for a canteen.