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round Removal of Hazardos Substances

Removal of Pesticides residue, Wax, Preservative and etc.

The surface of fruits and vegetables are attached to the hazardous chemicals substances such as pesticides residues, wax, preservatives and colorings.
Many of these harmful chemicals are specifically made to be "waterproof" so that they are not washed off by rain and water. Many fruits and vegetables are also coated in wax to preserve the quality. Water alone is hard to remove these chemicals.

BIO-CaO effectively removes toxic chemicals by its strong alkaline cleansing power.

Immerse fruits and vegetable in BIO-CaO solution for about 10 minutes, a large quantity of oil dirt floating on the surface water which can confirm an effect well visually.



BIO CaO when dissolved in the water produce an alkaline solution.

The strong alkaline power react with oil dirt and able to break down the dirt.

It is able to remove pesticide residue, wax, a preservative, coloring agent, insecticide and other contaminants that attached to the surface of food which can't be washed by water alone.

Unlike a commercial detergent, there is no smell at all and without bubbling because it is 100% of nature ingredients and safe.


Rinsing with Water Alone can’t remove the dirt completely!