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The Frequently Asked Questions for "BIO-CaO,"

Q: Does the sterilization effect higher if soak foods for longer time?
It is not necessary to soak food for a long time because 10 minutes is enough to get the sufficient cleaning and sterilization effectiveness.

In addition, long hours immerse soft skin fruits and vegetables such as strawberries and sprouts; it may deform shape and spoil them.

Q: Does it more effective in cleaning and sterilization if add more “BIO-CaO”?
The quantity of “BIO-CaO” –(a calcinated scallop shell calcium) dissolve in water is fixed. It does not make sense if you add a lot more than it needs. 1g used as a guide to 2 liters of water works well enough for sterilizing foods.

Q: Sterilization power of “BIO-CaO” is strong but will it wash away nutrients of food as well?
Nutrients of food do not loss if using as per noted normal time (about 10 minutes) .However, the possible loss of nutrients slowly if soaks the foods for long time.

Q: Can it remove pesticide residues 100%?
Depending on the type of pesticide, the removal rate is approximately 40% to 90%. To increase the removal rate, please immerse vegetable in the solution after cutting.

Q:The color of the solution has changed when wash the vegetables?
It may cause discoloration of the solution by reaction with vegetable.

(Example: Tomato red color, Spinach color, Onion/burdock….yellow color)

If soak the vegetables in about 10 minutes, it may has little color but the color quality is not the problem.

Q: When wash with the rice, the rice become yellow color after cooked?
Approximately 15 seconds is sufficient for washing with the rice.

When add the rice into the solution, the rice bran is caught at once and water turn into yellow. At this time, if the rice too long time soaks with this solution, the rice color will become yellow after cooked.

Q: Is it only can remove dirt on the surface of the food?
Yes, it can only remove the surface dirt. If you want to have more cleaning and sterilization, please immerse vegetables after cut. It will increase contact area to the solution and increase the cleaning effectiveness.

Q: Wash vegetable and fruits in ‘BIO-CaO”, is it really enhances the food taste?
It removes the pesticide residues and those hazardous substances that attached to the surface of vegetables and fruits, thus enhance the taste and texture of food.

Q: "BIO-CaO” when dissolve in water, the water become white turbid?
Since “BIO-CaO” is derived from natural mineral scallop shell calcium,

The white color is the component colors of calcium, it’s harmless.

Q: How much of the food can washed with a solution?
The quality of “BIO-CaO” solution will not be deteriorated much in 24hours time. You can clean and sterilizer foods as many as you can during these times. However, the alkaline pH of the solution drops gradually by reaction with carbon dioxide in the air, it is recommended to wash immediately after making the solution together.

Q: Is it all right to wash vegetables in a solution had been used once which the hazardous substances floated on the surface of the solution?
That’s okay. The hazardous substances floated on the surface of the solution are not harmful and will not enter into the vegetable. However, please rinse the vegetables gently under running water before cooking.

Q: Is it necessary to rinse vegetables with water after washed with the solution?
Although “BIO-CaO” is a food additive, it is safe and harmless. However, the white calcium oxide powder become dry and attached on the surface of vegetables. Please rinse gently with water before meal.

Q: What are the cautions for preserve vegetables and fruits after clean with “BIO-CaO”?
In the case to preserve vegetables and fruits after clean with “BIO-CaO” solution, It is not necessary to rinse with water because the white calcium oxide powder that attached to the surface of food still has sterilization effect to enhance the preservative of food. Be sure to dry out the water and keep the food in a plastic bag before preserve it in refrigerator.

[ Please rinse with water again before cooking ]

Q: pH is high, is it all right to use?
The strong alkaline power of the pH12 performs cleaning and sterilization effect on vegetables and fruits.

The soap is similar as the principle that a thing of an alkaline removes dirt.

Even it is at high pH12 but its very safety because the solution is non-irritating.

However in the case of long time use, those has dry and allergic skin person, please use the vinyl gloves to prevent hand skin getting dry and rough. In addition, it is recommended to apply oil and hand cream after use.

Sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite as belonging to a strongly alkaline (caustic soda) is also need attention to treated with caution.

Q: What are the solution container’s materials to use?
If it is to keep the solution for long hours, it is recommended to use container’s materials such as glass, polypropylene and stainless steel.  Avoid using container’s materials such as Aluminum, iron and copper.

Q: Does the used solution affect the environment?
“BIO-CaO” is 100% natural material. Therefore, the solution after use does not give any bad effect on the environment. In fact by flowing the solution through the drain pipe, it can remove slime and bad odor by the alkaline power of the solution.

Q: Is there an expiry date?
There is no specified expiry date. As long as it keeps, the quality may deteriorate slowly due to contact with carbon dioxide in the air.
Please keep the product container tightly closed. Do not let water and moisture gets into it, it may cause the powder getting hard and unusable.

Q: Is it safe to use for people are allergic to shellfish?
That is Okay, “BIO-CaO” is using a special heat processing which baking the scallop shell for a very long time at high temperature of 1100 degrees. The protein had been eliminated completely by the heating process. Therefore without protein, it will not cause allergies.

Q: Since “BIO-CaO” is a food additive, is it safe to eat by mixing it with food?
Although it is harmless but please do not use it other than the purpose of cleaning and sterilization food.

In addition, heat may release when the powder contact with little water. The part which in contact with little water may performs a temperature rise to around 45 degrees. Therefore please mix it with more water and do not let water get into the product container.