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Product Name BIO-CaO – Veggie & Fruit Wash
Product No. NS-BC1
JAN CODE 4560275990612
Net Contents 200g ※about 200 times use、(dilution : 1g per 2 litres water)
Use Purpose Food sterilization and Maintain Freshness
Ingredients CaO (Calcinated Scallop Shell Calcium Powder)
Liquid Characteristics Alkaline (above pH12)

  • Please do not use for purposes other than cleaning and sterilization of foods and cooking utensils 
  • This product is a food additive is harmless but please do not consume it as food directly.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Avoid inhale and contact with eyes
  • Avoid store it in high temperature, humidity & direct sunlight place, please keep in a tightly seal in cool and dry place
  • Please do not leave it open, it will react with carbon dioxide in the air, the quality will be deteriorated.
  • Please be sure to wear plastic gloves for dry and allergic skin person. After use, please wash your hand with water well and put lotion to avoid skin getting dry.
  • In case there was contact to eyes or throat, please rinse and wash it away with water immediately. Get medical attention immediately
  • Please use container materials such as glass, polypropylene and stainless steel and etc. to mix BIO-CaO with water.
  • Avoid store long hour for the mixture of BIO-CaO solution in container materials such as aluminum, iron and copper.
  • Please do not let water or moisture get into the storage container, this product may react with water produce heat.