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Livestock Industry

"Waterkeeper" Bio-catalysis Technology has great effective in purification and decomposition for livestock industry sewage。While the decomposition organic sludge and the purification of water, "Waterkeeeper" can reduce NH3-N simultaneously and ensure quality of water without costly facility or plant upgrades.

1) Livestock Farm at OOITA, Japan

Testing Condition : Sewage in flow 500/Day
Holding Time : 30 days
Treatment Method : WK was applied at 20 - 30 ppm

ooita1 blank ooita2 blank ooita3
WK application area -
Control Tank
Final Anaerobic Tank -
Discharge Water
(Water Analysis Samples)

Result of Treatment :
- Sludge : No discharge found
- Odor : No bad smell inside facility area

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