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aromagreenproduct1 Various Colors - to be able to choose
The Sky and Water blue color, The green of healing the heart. The white who accepts all, The pink that is loved by anyone.
Lovely Form -
It is small ,cute and compact which can be a lovely gift or pleasant care. Size to e able to just wrap up with both hands, " Loveliness" to come to give a tight hug unintentionally.
Visible textures -
A visible feel Textures transmitted even if it does not take in its hand.The appearance, the mat gently touch which removed the excessive thing and rendered "Simple"


aromalightblue blank aromalightgreen blank aromapink blank aromawhite



AromaGreen air purifier is unique, compact and cute machine that will help provide a clean, fresh and a healthy air quality for your home and workplace. AromaGreen air purifier with its unique design and high speed motor allows it to process and clean large volume of air effectively. It works by drawing air in and exposing it to Botanical Concentrates solution which are sprayed onto the walls of the bowl, producing a " Scrubbing Effect" on the air that effectively in deodorizing, sterilizing, filtering pollen and other contaminants to achieve good air quality living environment.


• Small & portable - easy to carry and use it anywhere.
• Safe , non toxic, non-flammable and alcohol free
• Effectively reduce tobacco smells, animal dander and unpleasant odors.
• Help to reduce pollen, airborne bacteria and viruses.
• It also humidifies and the aroma-therapeutic concentrates oils are effectively for healthier air and physical well being.
• Low electricity consumption - AromaGreen air purifier's power consumption is no more than 11 watts .Thus it can be used 24 hrs a day.




Virus suppression (when add in V-lock solution) Deodorizing Effect
capacity1 blank capacity2 blank
Testing Organization : Kagoshima University -Institute of Science and Engineering Research Center
Test method : Set up a sponge soaked in influenza virus in the test vessel solution, measure weight virus (RNA) after having operated the aroma green water air cleaner that put in V-LOCK (30ml)
Test Results : Not only 90% virus been suppress but also the RNA was destroyed in 30
Testing Organization : EFUSHIJI Institute, Inc.
Test method : Measure the changes of concentration of ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid after burned 5 tobacco/cigarette in a sealed 1m3 container.
Above test was performed according to NEC Standards Association (JEM1467).
Deodorizing methods : Put in 1ml aroma solution into aroma green water air cleaner and running the machine.
Test Results : Remove odor 80.8% in 30 minutes
Note : This aroma green water air cleaner with V-LOCK solution has continuation to suppress viruses, but is not a thing to guarantee the infection prevention. The real effects are different by the use situation of the room and usage. Note : Tobacco toxins (carbon monoxide) can not be removed.


How to Use:

aromagreenuse1 Remove the top cover from pet bowl.
aromagreenuse2 Fill in clean water to the MAX line.
aromagreenuse3 Add in 3ml or 5drops "Aroma Solution"
aromagreenuse4 Put back the top cover to pet bowl and switch on the power.